Concrete T-beams and Hollow Concrete Roofing blocks are manufactured daily to meet an ever increasing demand.

T-beams, which are pre-stressed, are cast using modern technological equipment. Hollow roofing blocks are manufactured in three different heights 15-cm, 20-cm and 25-cm to accommodate roof specifications.


tbeamsThese are placed in between the T-beams to roof almost all sized areas. Minimum concrete topping of 50-mm thickness is applied to achieve the final results. Due to the speed of erection, this system is mostly used for domestic construction works as it reduces site work as no formwork is necessary and all one needs is a minimum propping system at 2-m intervals.


Concrete T-beams and Hollow Concrete Roofing blocks are always available in stock and can either be collected directly from the factory or can be delivered by trucks specially equipped with cranes. In-house laboratory testing and other independent laboratories continuously monitor the manufacture of both the Concrete T-beams and the Hollow Concrete Roofing blocks.