Blokrete Limited has always sought to introduce new systems to help the local construction industry.

Today, the company manufactures various pre-stressed and reinforced concrete elements including pre-stressed and reinforced concrete beams, pre-cast concrete columns, double tee roofing elements and giant tees roofing elements.



These are manufactured using approved steel moulds with mounted vibrators to ensure production with concrete of optimum durability. These sections are mostly used for their cost-effectiveness, durability, and speed of erection and for aesthetical reasons. These elements can roof spans over 25 meters. These are mainly used for larger spans and / or heavier loads.


Blokrete Limited extensively used both reinforced concrete beams and giant tees at the Mater Dei Hospital. These were used in conjunction with hollow concrete blocks, pre-stressed hollow core concrete planks, in-situ concrete and steel all supplied by Blokrete Limited.


In-house laboratory testing and other independent laboratories continuously monitor the manufacture of these pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete elements. Load tests are carried out periodically to guarantee that loads given to roofing elements are reached. Further information can be obtained by contacting the office either by telephone or by contacting us here.