Hollow Concrete Blocks are manufactured daily in thousands using equipment with the latest German technology.

Used extensively both internally and externally, these blocks vary in thickness from 50mm to 230mm and are cast from concrete mixes specifically designed to give the optimum results in both strength and durability.  Concrete blocks can be used for building partition walls, load-bearing construction and for cladding work.


P9142034Fair-faced concrete blocks are also available. In certain circumstances, paint can be applied directly to these blocks. Production of concrete blocks includes also special half splitter blocks. These have the advantage of dividing the block in halves when required. Concrete blocks can either be collected directly from the factory or can be delivered by trucks specially equipped with cranes.


In-house laboratory testing and other independent laboratories continuously monitor the manufacture of these blocks. Further information can be obtained by contacting the office either by telephone or by contacting us here.