Hollow Concrete Blocks


Hollow Concrete Blocks are manufactured daily in thousands using equipment with the latest German technology. Used extensively both internally and externally, these blocks vary in thickness from 50mm to 230mm and are cast from concrete mixes specifically designed to give the optimum results in both strength and durability.

Interlocking Concrete Paving Blocks


An increasing number of countries are using interlocking concrete paving blocks for sidewalks, parking areas, driveways, patios, industrial floors and streets.

Prestressed and Reinforced Concrete Elements


Blokrete Limited has always sought to introduce new systems to help the local construction industry. Today, the company manufactures various pre-stressed and reinforced concrete elements including pre-stressed and reinforced concrete beams, pre-cast concrete columns, double tee roofing elements and giant tees roofing elements.

Prestressed Hollow Core


Being one of the leading manufacturers, Blokrete Limited offers a complete range of pre-stressed hollow core concrete panels. These can be manufactured in various thicknesses and according to superimposed loads required.

Predalles Concrete Slabs


The “Predalles” system is conceived to achieve a lightweight suspended slab; the underside and inner parts are plant-assembled whilst the outer casing is completed on site.

Manufacture and Transport of Ready Mix Concrete


Blokrete Limited produces and supplies ready mixed concrete in different grades and specifications. The normal range of concrete production includes Grade C 10, Grade C 15, Grade C 20, Grade C 25, Grade C 30, Grade C 35 and Grade C 40. 

Concrete T-beams and Hollow Concrete Roofing block


Concrete T-beams and Hollow Concrete Roofing blocks are manufactured daily to meet an ever increasing demand. T-beams, which are pre-stressed, are cast using modern technological equipment. Hollow roofing blocks are manufactured in three different heights 15-cm, 20-cm and 25-cm to accommodate roof specifications.