Blokrete Limited was established in the early fifties and today is one of the leading companies in the construction business on the Island after successfully carrying out various construction and finishing projects. 



Apart from the factory and offices located in Lija, Blokrete Limited owns and operates two hard stone quarries and various catering establishments. Blokrete is also a shareholder in road construction companies. Blokrete Limited has always sought to introduce new systems to help the local construction industry. Today, the company manufactures pre-cast, prefabricated and pre-stressed elements that include hollow concrete blocks, pre-stressed concrete panels, pre-stressed concrete T-beams and concrete roofing blocks, prefabricated concrete elements, concrete predalles, ready mix concrete, concrete paving blocks and various other units.


Blokrete Limited is one of the main shareholders of Skanska Malta J.V., which forms part of a joint venture entrusted with the construction, finishing and engineering services for the Mater Dei Hospital, previously known as San Raffaele Hospital. Blokrete Limited was also a shareholder of Rook Construction Limited, which was entrusted with the construction and finishing of the Multi-Level Intersection at Tal-Qroqq.


Blokrete Limited is also one of the main shareholders of the consortium Cottonera Waterfront Group plc. This consortium has been purposely set up between a number of leading Maltese entrepreneurs to carry out the development on the Vittoriosa Waterfront as part of the Cottonera Regenaration Project. This development includes the building of an international yacht marina equipped with latest facilities in the industry, luxury apartment blocks and major restoration works to the existing old buildings along the waterfront, including Fort St. Angelo.